me Go Harder!

Just a blog to motivate my weight loss, looking to finally drop some pounds. *Please don't be annoyed if I don't follow back, this is a second blog on my main account, so if I do follow back it will be under my sarsatadrad name. Thanks!

Age: 26
Height: 5'9''
Starting Weight: 256 ~ 1/9/12
Current: 245
Goal Weight: 180
I'll update my progress as I go. Wish me luck!

Running Intervals~

I had this all written out and it froze and erased everything, luckily it wasn’t that long. Anyway I was able to bump my runningĀ intervalsĀ up to 2 minutes so I’m pretty happy at gaining some progress. Next week I’ll be bumping it up to 2.5 minutes and maybe see if i can go up to 3 minutes if possible, if not just go back to the 2.5 and take another week. My hip is still hurting but I think it needs to get used to me not quitting cause. Yeah.. I wont be anytime soon.

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